Atrioventricular block registration with smart phone associated ECG device.
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1st Department of Cardiology Medical University of Warsaw
Monika Gawalko   

1st Department of Cardiology Medical University of Warsaw, Radarowa, 11/9, 02-137 Warszawa, Poland
Publication date: 2017-01-23
Heart Beat 2016;1:54–55
The prevalence of cardiac rhythm disturbances increases with age and requires active screening for early detection. However time, resources and costs are the main limiting factors for wider adoption of cardiac screening in the community setting. The ubiquitous access to the Internet and the dynamic adoption of smartphones, provide opportunities for new technologies that transmit biomedical data, such as ECG. An example of such technology is Kardia Heart Monitor (AliveCor, Inc) that connects wirelessly to the smartphone and allows recording 30-second rhythm strips. Pocket-size, mobile health devices provide an unprecedented opportunity for physicians to detect abnormalities in a quick and hassle-free fashion.