Device telemonitoring may observe emotional status - psychological impact of arrhythmic episodes alert.
Aneta Fronczak 1  
,   Damian Łasocha 1  
,   Anna Mierzyńska 1  
,   Maciej Sterliński 1  
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Institute of Cardiology, Warsaw
Maciej Sterliński   

Institute of Cardiology, Warsaw
Publication date: 2017-01-18
Heart Beat 2016;1:51–53
Device telemonitoring provides numerous advantages to improve patients outcome. The case of a male with heart failure, single chamber ICD and previous inappropriate discharges, provided with telemonitoring system to safety reason is shown. Numerous tachyarrhythmias in VT monitoring zone, identified as atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response, led to phone contact with patient and revealed increasing anxiety with mixed cause of previous ICD discharges memory, safety visit and coming in-hospital stay. A prolonged phone talk with subsequent profound psychological care during hospitalization were held. Telemonitoring may help to recognize somatic signs of emotional distress and to introduce fast therapeutic actions